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Web Designer for Small businesses in the La Crosse Area Since 1999


Reasonable Rates ~ Professional Results ~ Google Analyticals ~ SEO specific software


La Crosse Web design has been in business since 2000.  This is a one man shop managing over 30 La Crosse local web sites.  With this many sites to manage it quickly became apparent that writing the code for each site was not going to be practical and would cost the client a lot more money.....after-all time is money.  So unlike many of my counterparts in the industry I have employed several pieces of software to streamline the process.  This leave me open to create a site that is unique to you instead of using a few templates and inserting your content. 

I am small business friendly.  By employing software I keep your costs low.  If you have a layout in mind I can "wire frame it" into your site design.  I use shopping carts that are packaged from Google or PayPal.  This not only keeps your costs down but puts the burden of security in he hands of the two largest shopping cart vendors in the industry.  Fees for using these two vendors are similar to credit card fees.

Check out my credentials, I am sure you will find me to be your best local choice as a small business Web Designer.

  • Sales and Sales Management in big business for over 20 years

  • Web Content Manager and Trainer from 1997 to 2004 with Fleming Companies (Visionet & Cerespan)

  • Instructor for Western Technical College 1999 - 2011 (retired)

  • La Crosse Web Design started business in 2000 - continues today

  • La Crosse Lawn and Snow started business in 2007 - continues today

  • Hamburg Ridge Woodworks started business in 2008 - continues today

Small business friendly, broad based experience, full package of services and reasonable rates!

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