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Care and Rehab is a 6 facility care and rehabilitation group located in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

The current site design was by a firm from England.  After some challenges with that firm they returned to me to manage the content and to wire-frame the design for each of the facilities.  Featured are CSS navigation, an employee only password secured page, RSS and Wire-framed applications.  Recently we added a online fillable PDF employment application and a corporate employment page.  For a better view, click on the screen shot or go to:
Ultimatax & Accountiing Group, INC is my newest client. 

This is another wire-framed product.  It presented a number of challenges.  The client, a former student, came to me after attempting to use a packaged template from a nationally known web hosting vendor.  Each feature was adding on to the cost. Featured are a flash slide show, php coding with several pieces present via include statements, several background creations and a contact form.
The Winnebago Valley Hideaway Site is totally designed by me, the client had no idea what they wanted it to look like or do.

The client came to me with some pictures, a domain name and hosting package.  From there I built this little gem from scratch.  Featured on this site are a short intro flash tab style navigation and extensive use of image wrapping.
Zimmerman Driving School has been my client since 2005.

I show you this site to demonstrate my willingness to give the client what he wants.  The site is basic, almost stark in comparison to more modern designs. The site has only had minor changes to it in since its inceptiion.  The basic text navigation was changed to a JavaScript drop down version to make room for expanded information and the table has grown from 800 pixels wide to 1200 pixels wide.  This site makes extensive use of PDF classroom files.  One feature that is present and lacking in the first 3 demonstration site is a Mobile home page that is triggered automatically if viewed using a cellphone.

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This is a site that I am currently developing.  It makes use of a flash page entry, header and footer layout using php files.  The site is laid out in a 1200 pixel width. Spring Hollow Cabin is another cameo site.  Originally it was designed displaying information in a I frame.  Due to extensive Malware exploitation of I frames back in 2013, that feature was removed and a more conventional layout employed.  One feature that is unique and suggested for this type of site is the seasonal change of images.  We have a summer and winter view of the cabin and properties. Foster Awning came to me in 2013 and requested I do a redesign of their web site.  She had been a student of mine and created her own site the first time around.  As time constraints made her time to manage the site limited she outsourced the site and had it redesigned.  That person did not respond quickly and tended to do his/her own thing so they came back to La Crosse Web design.  So far so good.  There is some full on shopping going on with this site.  There is no flash on this site. Joe Rud Trucking came to me about a year ago when their existing site was hacked and being black flagged by the search engines.  I took the site down and redesigned the site using a new file format and they were back and running within days...this can sometimes take weeks and months.

It is a simple site with one complicated feature, an employees only area.
New web stie by La Crosse Web Design, Serigraphic Screen Print Small business web site design by La Crosse Web Design La Crosse web designer site Foster Awning by La Crosse Web Design La Crosse Web Design site screen shot of Joe Rud Trucking