From Our Experience

La Crosse Web Design has been serving small business web needs since 2000.  We will serve you as both designer and developer or as just your developer.  What is the difference?

Designers are like advertising or print services.  These are the people who create a pleasing visual layout with image and professionally penned the text the your visitors will read.  In some cases the designer will have the ability to render the web pages for you.  In these cases he/she will build the mock up around Template formats they know their paper versions will fit into.  We call these cookie cutter sites.  They are not bad, but they may not represent your personality.

When La Crosse Web Design acts as your web designer, we will lean heavily on your own marketing expertise for the industry you are involved in.  We will do Keyword searches and give you what Google says are the 5 or 6 best keywords for your business model.  We will then ask you to apply them to the text that your site will have and to provide us images that represent what it is you do.  La Crosse web design will then show you layout options to apply those images and that text.  Once a design is chosen for the home page all additional pages will follow that basic pattern.

Developers are like a body shop technician vs an engineer.  Automobile engineers design a vehicle.  Like the ad, “Brad” is in an accident.  The body shop restores “Brad” to it’s original design.  Developers come with a broad range of skills.  Many developers actually create the applications that you use on a daily basis, they are the engineers of the Web World and deserve your respect.  Some developers just create web pages either designing from scratch or “Wire Framing” a designers layout.  Understanding how the page will react in both mobile and desktop hardware is key to this part of website development.  This is what our expertise is.

La Crosse web design has experience with Joomla and WordPress web sites.  La Crosse web design also uses custom coding to render a page that looks like what your advertising and copy writers envision.  They will use text that is both visible and behind the scenes to maximize your SEO.  We will get into a more in depth discussion on SEO later in the site creation.

This is what we have learned and will share with our customers via website development.

  • Having a successful website is like trying to hit a moving target.  The web crawlers who will determine your search position change their algorithms on a continuous basis.  Lesson:  Optimization is a constant effort.
  • The real people who view your site change their desires almost as frequently as the crawlers change their algorithms.  Lesson:  Keep your content fresh and meaningful
  • Your sites success will be determined by text.  Text that the website viewers read and text in the code behind the scenes.  Lesson:  Hire a professional
  • Images are worth a thousand words but a site with just images will not rank well against optimization standards.
  • Keywords are vital but they should be limited to 5 or 6 keywords.
  • It is much easier to be found when you limit your marketing area.